Radial Dreams is an experiment of creative flow and acceptance in the unknown. Each piece is inspired by the magic of our universe. Vibrant, hypnotizing, and intriguing, The rays of glitter surrounding a focal point depicting ideas of nature and whimsy. 

Through this series I discovered there is beauty and excitement in the process of not knowing, as well as great fulfillment in seeing a vision through. With an intention to create artwork, with a hint of vision, turned into layers of mistakes, uncertainty, exploration, growth, and joy. I feel freedom and fulfillment with the completion of this series. This was a personal test of commitment, Seeing a vision through and finding acceptance in what it becomes. Letting the art exist without attachment to an "ideal" or expectation. Seeing the creative process through, for the sake of sharing a personal gift and passion. 

The best part of creating this project was coming to completion of a new piece, then deciding what I saw, felt, and interpreted from my own work. Then Seeing the synchronicity in others interpretations, as well as unexpected ideas or images they saw outside of my imagination.